Herbal Garden (Oushadodhyanam)

The conducible climate of the richly bio-diverse sahyadri ranges of which thekkady is one of the arterial hubs, the keen interest in ayurveda of the chempenkulam vaidya family conferred together to set the soils into beds for the herbal garden beaming within the sprawling landscape of Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat. The garden hosts a vast collection of medicinal plants meticulously cultivated by the committed gardening team. The huge huggable-trees that dot our campus and proudly defy even the lengthiest of arms are nature’s show of true beauty and might.

The scientifically maintained herbal garden is an opportunity for our guests to get a firsthand knowledge of medicinal plants. It is indeed a useful pastime loitering about the garden looking at, smelling in and listening to the herbs and trees feeling the touch and taste. As the name OUSHADHODHYANAM suggests, the herbal garden is a perfect place to sit and dissolve yourself in DHYANAM or meditation