Panchakarma Center (Uzhichil Kendra)

Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat takes pride in practicing the most authentic panchakarma treatments. Our stand alone unique panchakarma treatment center, with an unexplainable ambience that is sure to make you feel extraordinary, is well equipped with all amenities to provide the best results for our visitors. The experienced practitioners at Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat help cure and heal your ailments and are experts at administering panchakarma treatment.

Hygiene assumes equal priority status with quality at our panchakarma treatment center. Standard sterilization measures are adhered to at our Uzhichil kendra. Strict and hawk eyed monitoring of the panchakarma treatments by the doctors coupled with steady and confident performing of the therapies by qualified and experienced therapists makes the different external therapies performed at our Uzhichil Kendra perfect. The sufficiently stocked and maintained pantry at the Uzhichil Kendra caters to the auxiliary needs of treatment like the preparation of decoctions, poultices, mixing of oils and the like. In short the Uzhichil Kendra is a state of the art facility to detoxify yourself!!!!!