Pharmaceuticals (Oushada Shaala)

Quality and Authenticity in all spheres of operation has been a hallmark of Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat, which applies to the Ayurveda medicine manufacturing as well. Ayurveda is probably the only medical system where the practitioners manufacture their own medications. In keeping with this unique tradition of Ayurveda, a full range of wellness and therapeutic Ayurveda medicines required by us continue to be prepared in-house, at our own pharmaceutical facility, the Oushadhashaala. Our Ingredients for the medicines are sourced either from the organic herbal garden within our campus or from the virgin Periyar forests, by the local tribes who possess a commendable indigenous knowledge of the flora and fauna of the forest. Together both these means of sourcing ensure the freshness, authenticity, potency, purity and trustworthiness of the ingredients which in turn ensures quality medicines that translate into better care and cure. Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat has always stood tall among the ayurvedic medicine suppliers a fact endorsed by our esteemed guests.

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