The Retreat

Open your eyes to the rising sun behind enchanting greenery

Breathe in the enticing aroma of nature and spices

Sing and enjoy the eternal music of chirping vibrant birds

Stick out your tongue to savor the virgin drops of dew

Let the cool soft rustling breeze tickle your skin

Your senses are in ecstasy and you are in the middle of the Heaven on Earth……

Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat…

Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat is strategically located at thekkady, one of the most frequented tourist destinations, famous for its Periyar Tiger Reserve, aromatic spice plantations and picturesque hill towns. Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat boasts of an expansive campus spread across ten acres of pristine greenery created by the rich treasure of medicinal herbs meticulously collected, preserved and scientifically cultivated at Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat herbal garden. Here surrounded by nature, we heal and revive your body and mind using the herbs and food mostly grown by us, implementing into practice, the priceless tradition of ayurveda imparted to us.

Adopting and adapting the marveling tradition of kerala architecture, Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat is built using natural and rare granite stones. This construction methodology employed with VASTHU SHASTRA. All categories of accommodation, the rooms, cottages and other residential facilities allow in right measures of sun and air and are very well ventilated. Crafted with love and care Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat is where you could feel so close to nature and lose yourself in the greenery and the multitude of exotic plants and herbs that provide the right setting and the right frame of mind for the experience and exposure of ayurveda.

Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat takes utmost care in bringing back a person’s health to its optimum, gifting him a happy life with the help of authentic ayurveda treatments, and knows what is best for human mind and soul.