The Tradition of Generations

Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat, an expansion of chempenkulam ayurveda hospital patronized and founded by the famed Chempenkulam Vaidya family is one of the pioneers in the field of ayurveda treatments. Started in 1964 as the continuation of the family’s ayurveda practice, the traditional ayurvedic centre’s objective was to pass on their traditional ayurveda knowledge to the society in the form of wellness health care and illness treatment.
Chempenkulam Vaidya family is one of the first choices for ayurveda for people from near and far, since the family has dedicated to acquiring, experimenting and practicing ayurveda since eight generations and has been tirelessly working towards preserving and passing on the knowledge and best practices.
Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat is one of the front runners in providing authentic kerala ayurveda panchakarma treatment and owes its success and credibility to a strong foundation, the legacy of our eight generations of physicians which is still continuing with the formidable ninth generation. 

The family lineage of the traditional ayurvedic centre goes as:

Shri. Itty Vaidya
Shri. Ittan Vaidya
Shri. Konthi Vaidya
Shri. Chennan Vaidya
Shri. Kelan Vaidya
Shri. Kunjukuttan Vaidya
Shri. Ayyappan Vaidya
Shri.Gopi Vaidya
Dr. Jinu Vaidya

Presently, the able custodians of the Chempenkulam Vaidya family legacy are Sri. Gopi Vaidya and his son Dr. Jinu Vaidya. The youngest and latest of the tradition, Dr. Jinu Vaidya, understanding the importance for the academic recognition qualified himself with a university degree in ayurveda.  Apart from Dr. Jinu Vaidya, Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat rightfully boasts of the ayurveda expertise of Dr.Jeena Jinu and Dr. Jisha Gopi both of them qualified in ayurveda and trained in the ayurveda tradition of Chempenkulam Vaidya family by none other than the stalwart Gopi Vaidya.

A.Gopi Vaidya

Ayyappan Vaidya


Kunjukuttan Vaidya